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ELITE Dance Studios NEWS!


March 18th, 2010

ELITE had a great time at the “JUMP” convention down in Los Angeles this past weekend.  The girls Represented! and were awesome!  Dancing the weekend away with “So You Think You Can Dance” choreographer Mandy Moore, “This Is It” Michael Jackson tour dancer Misha, Dee Caspary, Doug Caldwell and many more talented dancer/instructors.

Thanks to Break the Floor Productions for a fun weekend.  ELITE Dance Studios is excited to gear up for another exciting event!

Check out some of our ELITE PETITE dancing in the JUMPstart room!  Adorable and definitely ELITE!!!!!!


February 28th, 2010

First High School Dance Team competition of the season and…..


Freshman solo for West Ranch High School Dance Team - Choreography by Jacqueline Hill of ELITE Dance Studios to the song ”Promises in the Dark”. 

Way to go Kelley link!  Keep it up and keep dancing hard!!!!!



Pictured here with proud Mom & Dad (John and Mary Kunak) at one of the many successful ELITE Dance Studios Performances!

Pointe Shoes!

February 16th, 2010

New pointe shoes for ELITE dancers! At ELITE when it’s time to move onto Pointe, it’s a special day and Jacqueline spends many hours shopping for the perfect pair of pointe shoes for EVERY dancer!  Thank you to Erica at The Dance Store in Los Angeles for helping us make sure that all of our dancers find the right shoe.


Kelsey’s shoes had to be special ordered!  Photo coming soon….

Under the guidance of Jacqueline and Erica the dancers made out!  Lindsay Ryan (in Bloch), Kelsey Treichler (in a Grishko “Maya”) and Taylor Kakiki & Jennifer Kelleher (European Balance) got their very first pair of shoes - CONGRATULATIONS girls!  Molly Ryan (Grishko 2007) and Hayley Smith (Russian Pointe) were fitted for new shoes and excited to sew them as soon as they could! 

Miss Jacqueline picked up 3 pair for herself!  A couple of Russian and a British - she is thrilled to be dancing with the girls and loves being able to dance in so many different, beautiful shoes!

How we ended 2009…

February 10th, 2010

WOW! is all we can say….”The Magical Journey of Hope” was a huge success. 

“Stunning!” - “So entertaining, it should be on Broadway!” - “The dancers and costumes were beautiful, a phenomenal show!”

Take a look…so many amazing moments!

Castaic Days 2009

February 10th, 2010

A beautiful weekend at Castaic Lake…lots of great bands, fun booths, and of course ELITE Dance Studios!  Taking the stage both Friday night right before the movie on the lake, and Saturday afternoon the ELITE TEAM brought their positive, professional, entertaining energy to the event. 

Thanks to Brad Alden for heading up the fantastic entertainment and to Renee Sabol (organizer of the event) for a great weekend.  We look forward to next year!

(Did you see us in the Magazing of Santa Clarita!?!  That’s Jacqueline introducing the talented Performance Group!)

What ELITE Dancers do…

November 17th, 2009

Take a look at how ELITE TEAM DANCERS spend their time! 

Congratulations to ELITE PERFORMANCE GROUP TEAM DANCERS Lindsay Ryan and Molly Ryan on a wonderful opening night!  Complete with the red carpet and celebrity guests ”How The Grinch Stole Christmas” at the beautiful Pantages Theatre on Hollywood Blvd runs until January 3rd 2010…performing in this Broadway production is a fun way to fill the holidays!

“How The Grinch Stole Christmas” opened to a full house, laughter and much applause from this site.  With John Larroquette as “Old Max” and Stefan Karl as the “Grinch” the audience is treated to original songs like “You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch” and “Welcome Christmas”.

Thank you to the Ryan family for inviting us to spend this special time with them at the theatre.  ELITE Dance Studios was represented top notch!  Wandering around on the stage we had the opportunity to tell John good job and to take a look at the props, stage sets and fun stuff the “Whos” get to play with!

Halloween 2009

November 5th, 2009

Fun times for TEAM at the Halloween show!!!!

As the only dance studio to be invited to perform at the Sheriff’s Haunted Jail House we were thrilled to bring yet another display of Halloween fun!  Starting make up at 8am it was a day filled with laughter, messy hands, and character creations!

Thank you to Lisa Baumbin and the Santa Clarita Sheriff Station for hosting another great event!  Our good friend Rick Chambers former news anchor of KCBS/KCALwas there too, alway great to see him! 

Take a look at some of the creations!

ELITE and the L.A. GALAXY!!!

July 18th, 2009



After a crowd pleasing performance on the Concourse for the waiting LA GALAXY fans the ELITE TEAM took the field and THRILLED 20,000 more with an outstanding performance of “Black Betty”.  The Home Depot Center and LA Galaxy crowd had never seen anything like it!  The stands roared with applause as the ELITE TEAM danced on the field.  The camera men worked their way through the dancers to bring them to the jumbo tron for a closer look at their beautiful faces and talented dancing.  The TEAM never missed a beat! 

The LA GALAXY had made contact with ELITE last year after seeing the ELITE website and requested a meeting with our studio director Jacqueline Hill.  After a few meetings with the GALAXY rep the TEAM agreed to bring “Black Betty” to the field this June (just one week after performing four sold out presentations of the Summer Festival of Dance 2009).  The ELITE TEAM was thrilled to work with Nick Mann and Rachel Valadez of the GALAXY and are looking forward to bringing their talent to the Home Depot Center again soon….that is of course if they can fit it into their already full performance calendar!!!


May 12th, 2009


Well done TEAM!  Congratulations on 4 amazing performances at the High School Spring Season of shows!  West Ranch started off the season and the crowd couldn’t believe their eyes as all 65 ELITE TEAM members took the gym floor for an electrifying performance of “Black Betty”.

With TEAM dancers ranging from the ELITE PETITE - ONLY 5 YEARS OLD!  dancing with the oldest TEAM members (20+ years) the ELITE TEAM stole the show!  Following up West Ranch with Valencia, Hart and then Saugus it just kept going and going acheter levitra en france!  The applause was thunderous, the ELITE TEAM created a rock concert!  4 amazing performances…4 fun weekends of hair and make-up to prep for each show…65 AMAZING DANCERS blowing everyone out of the water!

If you are interested in joining this incredible TEAM of ELITE dancers stop by and visit us or give us a call…we get dancers everyday from all of the studios, don’t waste any more time!  The new TEAM season starts July 2009.  Beginners thru advanced - you won’t be disappointed!


HOW A PARENT CHOSE ELITE! One of our ELITE Petite TEAM parents recently shared how she chose ELITE Dance Studios for her daughter.

April 14th, 2009

A true story…

Having attended another local dance studio and participating in the year end recital the father became increasingly disappointed.  Having dance experience himself he turned to the mother and commented on how the dancers only got worse as they got older.  There was no way they were going to spend their hard earned money and their precious time continuing with this kind of dance training for the daughter.  So the family decided to attend the West Ranch High School Dance Team Show in April 2007 with the purpose of taking stock on what else Santa Clarita had to offer. 

The mother sat with note pad and pen taking specific notes on the multiple studios performing.  Sitting through the entire show the family was yet to be intrigued let alone see a studio that they would want to move to, perhaps the daughter wouldn’t be dancing afterall…and then about two numbers to the end of the show came ELITE!  Down went the pad and pen, the eyes widened.  The familiy couldn’t believe what they were seeing, finally a professional dance studio!

The professionalism of the TEAM was out standing.  The dance quality was unprecidented and unsurpassed.  Add the costuming, hair, make-up, and extreme origianlity of the choreography the father turned and said to the mother “that’s it…we are moving to ELITE”.  

And that was it…the daughter joined the studio right away and soon after became a member of the ELITE Petite!

There you have it… Performances by the ELITE Performance Group TEAM are always professional and never let you down.  A knock your socks of show always!  They work hard, are disciplined, and love what they do.  The ELITE Performance Group is in such high demand that their performance calendar books a year and a half out.  Fun loving TEAM parents and families spend time working with the dancers, making new family friends.  Life long friendships for the dancers are another beautiful side product of being on the TEAM. 

You don’t have to be on the Performance Group to get the most out of your dancing at ELITE.  All ELITE dancers get the most professional, top shelf training out there.  ELITE dancers get custom schedules and individual attention.  Non performers continue to get unbiased classtime focusing on technique and continued improvement year round.  Constantly we are praised that “even the ELITE 2 yr olds are actually learing how to dance”.  Parents are thrilled that they are not wasting their hard earned dollars on baby sitting.  In these tough economical times that is so important.

At ELITE we spend our time really teaching dancers, watching them closely, inspiring them, and motivating them.  Constantly setting the trends at ELITE with music, choreography, costuming and more we find the other studios struggling to immitate our studio structure and creations.  As they say “immitation is the sencerest form of flattery”. 

ELITE welcomes dancers from all studios, competition teams, performance teams, beginners to the most advanced.  They come to us every single day so you won’t be the only one, you’ll for sure see dancers that you already know!

We can guarantee you the most professional, nuturing and inspirational classes of every style.  The most performance opportunities city wide for our performers.  If you are even the slightest bit unhappy with your current studio, or simply new to dance, we encourage you to take a leaf out of hundreds of other dancers books…come and watch The ELITE Performance Group this Spring show season.



Contact us at for info on upcoming shows…you won’t be disappointed!


Chili’s dinner fun!

March 12th, 2009

Good food!  Great company!  Thanks to all of the families and friends that joined us for dinner at Chili’s of Santa Clarita! Your support is much appreciated!

We filled Chili’s up, filled ourselves up and had tons of fun!!  Thanks to Mike Kakiki and our new friends at Chili’s for a great night.

Being an ELITE dancer.

February 27th, 2009

At ELITE all of our dancers are important.  From our tiniest two year olds to our oldest, most professional performers everyone is an ELITE dancer.  We consider each student as an individual first.  We customize schedules for every dancer that attends ELITE.  The Santa Clarita Valley has never known a studio like this before.  So many parents have come to me and expressed concern and unhappiness based on their experiences at other local studios.  “If you aren’t already good, they ignore you”  and ”My daughter gets treated badly because she just joined”.  How about “We’ve been there for so long, being treated terribly the whole time,  I don’t know why I didn’t leave sooner!”.  These are only some of the statements made to us on a daily basis.

Our theory at ELITE is a simple one.  Anyone who wants to be able to dance can!  Professional studios all over the world enable dancers (of all ages) to learn to become amazing at their craft.  ELITE falls into this category by offering a staff that is actually capable of teaching, a staff that understands the work that needs to be put in, and a staff that pays attention to every student all of the time.

We don’t expect our dancers or our parents to know everything when they come to us.  We are here to educate all of the parties involved.  We encourage questions, we inspire thought and we take care of our customers.  No one falls into a general, non descript group.

With the most performance opportunities of any studio all ELITE dancers have the chance to shine on stage.  If the stage is not for you - no worries!  Class time at ELITE is not impacted, all dancers get a top shelf class no matter what.  For the best customer service, instructors with the most professional background and knowledge, and the most performance opportunities stop by ELITE and become an ELITE dancer!

At ELITE “ELITE” means everyone!

51st Grammy Awards…and ELITE

February 10th, 2009

Anyone happen to catch the Grammy Awards this Sunday?  Well…just thought you might like to know that the amazing lights the stars perform under are supplied by ShowPro of Los Angeles.  ShowPro is a friend of ours and guess what?  He lights your beautiful little dancers during our Summer Festival, and “The Magical Journey of Hope”!!!  One of the joys of producing our own shows is working with people at the top of their profession.  David and the team at ShowPro are THE TOP and we are proud to have such a great relationship with them.  Thanks to our friend Frazer for adding another great talent to the TEAM!

David Smith (owner of ShowPro) was kind enough to share the press release with us the week prior to the show, informing a select few in the industry of the technical side of the set up.  We made sure to tune in to see the “Versatubes” in action! 

ShowPro provided the Grammy’s with an incredible variety of amazing lights for their 51st production Sunday, February 8th 2009 at the Staples Center.  Below we have included the press release!



ShowPro Sets Scene for 51st GRAMMY Awards best online casino canada

Los Angeles-based ShowPro is setting the scene for the upcoming 51st Annual GRAMMY Awards with over 1500 HD VersaTubes for lighting designer Bob Dickinson and production design partners Steve Bass and Brian Stonestreet. The VersaTubes are mounted on various parts of the set including stair cases, rolling walls, and a unique mechanical “close down” wall on the downstage edge of the stage. One special performance will feature an array of VersaTubes as chandeliers and uprights. To facilitate the application, ShowPro did a pre-install at Scenic Express, a Los Angeles based scenic shop, with the support of VER.

“This is a stunningly beautiful use of one meter and half meter HD VersaTubes,” says ShowPro president David Smith. “This is our second year working with Full Flood on this show, and we are so impressed with Bob’s application of these devices not only as effective motion graphics tools for the camera, but as stand-alone sculptures as well. They’re just beautiful when applied in this setting.”

The GRAMMY Awards will feature performances by Paul McCartney, U2, Radiohead, Jennifer Hudson, Justin Timberlake, Neil Diamond, and 15 other artists. The annual special airs on CBS Sunday, February 8th at 8pm et/pt in HD, live from The Staples Center.

The 50th Annual GRAMMY Awards are produced by John Cossette Productions in association with AEG Ehrlich Ventures for The Recording Academy. Ken Ehrlich and John Cossette were executive producers.

ShowPro provides lighting, projection and video to the special event industry.

Way to go David and the TEAM at ShowPro…we can’t wait to have you light our upcoming Summer Festival June 13th & 14th!!!

Here’s to a new year of dance!

January 30th, 2009
       Hey Everyone… I wanted to tell you all how awesome the last couple weeks of dance have been!  It was great to come back to all your smiling faces.  I want to congratulate you all on your amazing performance in The Magical Journey of Hope.  It’s been over a month and I have at least one student a class ask me what they are going to be in the next show.  The enthusiasm to jump right into our next show has all us teachers excited.  Over the last few weeks we have all been picking out songs and costumes and gearing up for what will be another great show,  we will be sure to have some of you parents dancing in your seats!

       I also want to congratulate a few of our youngest students.  After months and months of watching their big sisters in class, five little girls have made it to their second birthday and have finally gotten their chance to shine.   So to Brennan Cabunoc, Kennedy Crone, Mallory Palm, Olivia Upton and Savannah Spies, you’re all doing a great job in your “big girl” class! 

 Here is a picture from Brennan’s and Kennedy’s first class!

Brennen and Kennedy

Brennen and Kennedy

   Everyone keep up the hard work and we will be sure to have another great year of dance!

          - Miss Amber

WELCOME BACK…from Miss Samantha!

January 10th, 2009


I just want to congratulate everyone on the very successful performance of The Magical Journey of Hope! I’m already thinking about next year. It has been a great first week back. With The Magical Journey of Hope behind us we have until the summer to work on ballet technique. I used the break to do lots of reading a research to come up with a unique syllabus for each and every one of my ballet classes. It is based off the principles of the Vaganova technique and used is used in the Vaganova Ballet Academy in Russia. It will of course have my own touches as well as Elite’s one of a kind stamp I can guarantee you will not find anything like it in the Santa Clarita Valley!

2009 is going to be a great year for Elite.


January 4th, 2009

You may have heard this term of endearment from many….well, yep!  It is true!

ELITE Dance Studios is the trend setting studio of the Santa Clarita Valley.  With a reputation that proceeds it, this is impossible to deny.  While the dancers at ELITE are making history with the new and innovative holiday production of The Magical Journey of Hope™other studios are falling behind with out dated presentations of The Nutcracker or trying to catch up by attempting to recreate old holiday productions at the last minute.  Nothing original, nothing new.  At ELITE it is all new, all original!

Not only are ELITE dancers playing a huge part in the evolution of dance they are propelling it into 2009.

Imitation is said to be one of the biggest forms of flattery…  Often I am approached at shows and complimented on how it seems we are always ahead of the curve.  As I travel the world sharing my knowledge with other top professionals it is exciting to know that my dancers have all that is new and exciting in the palm of their hand.  With the creative staff at ELITE the customers are sure to have the most up to date choreography and music; but it doesn’t stop there!  Custom make up sessions for performances enhance the precisely designed costumes that the dancers adorn to take it up a notch.  Stepping onto the dance floor with original ideas and creations is something that we take pride in at ELITE.  On many occassions our dancers will be emulated the following season.

In the business we say “bring it home” and let me tell you that is exactly what the ELITE performers do.  When you are coming close to the end of a piece of choreography you know that the audience should be taken with you to the next level of excitment.  Our dancers understand this…I see so many others somehow maintain a mediocre level of performance quality.  Performance is for a reason and part of that includes how you move your audience; it is not only about kicking high, jumping huge and turning endlessly.  In this day and age audiences want excitment…blow something up!  Just look at movies.  ELITE understands what an audience wants and works hard to take it all to the next level.  Our dancers put more than just dance out for an audience; dance, heart, soul, pride and then some.

In the grand scheme of things the dance world is a small and intricate world; but one that dancers can have an impact on that will translate to the bigger “outside” world if done right.  More than right is what is happening at ELITE!  Join us this year to make a difference in your dance world, and the entire world of dance!

Happy New Year!

December 31st, 2008

With 2009 only hours away I would like to wish you all a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

AND…I would like to take this moment to congratulate you!  Congratulations on a year filled with much success. 

Congratulations to our parents for searching out one of the top 3 dance studios in Southern California for your young dancers; you have found the most professional, positive, progressive studio available to you.  Thank you for your continued patronage! 

Congratulations to our students for making history by being a part of what is new and exciting in dance around the world.  You have helped to create a place where all dancers are welcomed and encouraged to be their best! 

Congratulations to my ELITE staff for contributing your talents to THE TREND SETTING STUDIO OF THE SCV!  You have helped bring professionalism, motivation and creativity to Santa Clarita’s dance world. 

I am looking forward to sharing the next year of dance with all of you.  The memories we are collecting are priceless.  I will hold them close to my heart and treasure each and every moment of the past as we continue to create our future together. 

At ELITE it is my pleasure to watch every student we have grow and progress to the heights of their dreams daily.  I often tell people that I have the best job in the world…I continue to do what I love, am fortunate to get to share it with many other top professionals in my field from all over the world, and have a beautiful ELITE family to bring to life my visions with…all while I watch young dancers make and fulfill desires and goals of their own. 

As we enter into a new year together know that I am grateful for all of you and what you bring to ELITE with you…none of this would be possible solo!

Happy New Year!  with love xoxo Miss Jacqueline

ELITE Dancers Make History!

December 23rd, 2008

The Magical Journey of Hope™

A custom written story; this colorful heartfelt production thrilled the sold out audiences as it filled the theatre with music, dance, color and beauty.  Sounds of tears and laughter joined the applause as it roared through the audience.  “Broadway is where you belong ELITE!”

Congratulations to all of our ELITE dancers!  You are making history, not repeating it!  An amazing production was brought to life by you, we are again setting the trends in dance!  Out standing!!!

On Air again!

December 18th, 2008

Thursday matinee with Paul Strickland, listen here!

Elite and “The Bride of Frankenstein”

December 6th, 2008

Our dancers were the ones Puttin on the Ritz in ”The Bride of Frankenstein” and as usual they brought down the house!  Thanks to Nancy of D.E.E Studio Productions for asking ELITE to supply the only professional dancers in the SCV.  Congratulations to the cast on their fun production!  Looking forward to working with you all again!

Holiday Kick Off At Valencia Westfield!

November 25th, 2008

We had a great morning on Saturday at the Valencia Westfield Town Center Mall!  Our booth was packed with visitors asking how they can join the ELITE Dance Studio family.  Some of the ELITE TEAM dancers looked awesome as they helped bring to town Westfield’s special guest…Santa…He arrived on the beautiful KHTS Fire Engine to cheers from the crowds!

Too much fun!  Thanks to Westfield
for another great event!

More fun with KHTS at the Sheriff’s Haunted House!

November 15th, 2008

Check out the amazing photographs taken by the KHTS photographer for our hometown radio station’s website!  We had a great time hanging out with everyone and wowing the crowds again this year with our fantastic creations.  ELITE On air again at this event added to the fun!

Wowing the crowds at the Santa Clarita Sheriff Station Haunted House

In ANOTHER magazine!

November 15th, 2008

Here we are again!  The November issue of the “Santa Clarita Living Magazine” has us featured!

Check out this link!  Go to page 24 and there we are!

The latest podcast is here!

November 6th, 2008

Check out the latest podcast with our very own Studio Director and Lifestyle Fitness expert Ellen Como.  Stay tuned for live broadcasts every month from the Valencia Town Center!

Click here for the latest podcast with Ellen Como and Jacqueline Hill!

The Official Dance Studio of Santa Clarita! KHTS

November 5th, 2008

ELITE and the Santa Clarita Kids Expo!  Another great event, a day filled with fun, families and dancing. 

The ELITE Performance Group took to the stage and the microphone!  With on air interviews every hour our dancers were busy entertaining not only those in attendance but radio listeners too!

ON AIR every hour at the Kids Expo!
Stay tuned for more exciting fun with ELITE and KHTS AM1220!