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ELITE Dance Studios NEWS!

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    July 14th, 2011



    OMG! We just don’t stop!

    June 9th, 2011

    How to keep up?!?!

    ELITE has had so many amazing things going on it is almost impossible to blog about it all!  If you haven’t noticed we have a facebook page now too - and that’s a super fast way to keep up with studio stuff!  GET ON THERE AND LIKE US!  TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY MEMBERS TOO!

    So what’s been happening besides fantastic Dad Dance rehearsals for our June Recital  “Mardis Gras Celebration”….where do I begin?  We spent March, April & May killing it at all of the local High School Dance Team Showcases with the finale piece from our June Recital (coming this June 18th & 19th)”Thunderstruck” (yup - AC/DC would pay to have this piece at one of their concerts!) all the while we polished some ELITE Dance Studios Performance Group TEAM choreography to hit up….

    ….SHOWSTOPPER DANCE COMPETITION - Memorial Weekend FUN at the wonderful Disneyland Hotel!

    One 1st place Gold, three 1st place Platinum’s, two 1st place Double Platinum’s and to cap off an incredible weekend our ELITE super group “Thunderstruck” with 57 dancers BLEW UP SHOWSTOPPER’S LIKE A ROCK CONCERT receiving the highest award possible with a 1st place Crystal! Beating out the rest of the SCV studios our ELITE Performance Group dancers entertained the crowds to no end in fabulously designed costumes, with beautiful hair and make-up they could do no wrong!

    Not only did we did we land some serious dance “hardware” but we all had tons of fun too!  The Disneyland Resort and Downtown Disney has never seen such TALENT!  Lots of great food with friends, fun late nights, and TEAM spirit was the name of the ELITE game!  Can’t wait for next year!  Check out some of the photos…


    March 30th, 2011

    Congratulations to ELITE Performance Group TEAM dancer Kelley Kunak on her amazing success!!!

    This weekend she proved to the Nation that she is in the top 10! Competing Champion level, she was in the final top ten at USA Nationals in Anaheim.  She took the solo choreographed & costumed by ELITE Dance Studios owner/director Jacqueline Hill to the Arena to compete against our Nation of dancers and hit the TOP 10….

    ELITE Dance Studios is looking forward to taking the top 10 soloist to many more dance competitions this season.  To see this, and other incredible dance productions in person, come to the

    “Summer Festival of Dance Recital”

    Hart High Auditorium June 18th & 19th - ticket sales begin Sunday April 3rd



    February 16th, 2011

    This is the week!  Dance as much as you can for free!!!!!

    We love dance so much we want to share it even more with you…current ELITE dancers and NEW ELITE friends!  Call 661-295-7774 to make your reservation for extra classes!  ANY class that is appropriate for your age and level is open to you for freeeeeeeee!

    February ELITE news!

    February 5th, 2011




    January 5th, 2011

    It is so great to be back in class with all of our amazing ELITE Dance Studios ELITE DANCERS!  Such a wonderful and happy way to start the New Year - dancing our hearts out!


    Lots of great info for 2011 in the Dec/Jan newsletter Make sure you read it today!

    Hey - my 7pm Jazz class tonight was out of control!  I really meant what I said, I am so moved by our time together, you all dance like that - out of this world!  You are the best dancers in Santa Clarita, the best in So Cal, part of the best TEAM ever…big hugs!

    ELITE DANCE STUDIOS IS AWESOME!!!! xoxo Miss Jacqueline

    ELITE Dance Studios, the Home Depot Center & Chivas USA!

    December 23rd, 2010

    Another awesome day at ELITE Dance Studios!

    Miss Jacqueline just returned from a fantastic meeting at the Home Depot Center with Jey Dutertre of Chivas USA!

    We are looking forward to working with the Chivas USA group and to providing outstanding ELITE Dance Studios entertainment (again!) for the Home Depot Center this coming season.

    Only 6 days ago….”The Magical Journey of Hope”

    December 19th, 2010

    The pretty little ELITE Dance Studios fairy dolls loved it so much that they all wore their costumes to Miss Amber’s class today!!!

    Congratulations on an amazing performance of “The Magical Journey of Hope” little fairies!  We love you!

    The future of DANCE in Santa Clarita is at ELITE!

    December 15th, 2010

    Here’s what ELITE 2 year old’s do after spending a weekend at the theatre during an ELITE Dance Studios performance of “The Magical Journey of Hope”


    November 15th, 2010

    “The Magical Journey of Hope” tickets sales began November 7th, with parents beginning the line on Saturday November 6th at 11:30pm!!!…only one week later and all four shows are 90% SOLD OUT!

    That’s how it goes at ELITE Dance Studios, with customers lining up the night before for front row seats, one week into ticket sales and there are few tickets left to be had.  The line officially began at 11:30pm on Saturday evening and continued to pick up anxious ticket buyers every hour until sales began at 11am on Sunday.

    Turning the ticket buying process into an ELITE event itself, the customers had tailgate parties in the back of their cars!  ELITE security arrived at 4:30am to begin the check in process and to help make sure everyone followed the common courtesies of line rules.  Some of the customers found out one of the security guys was going to have a birthday and promptly threw him a pre bday party, complete with cupcakes, streamers and hats!!!

    That’s how we roll at ELITE Dance Studios…everything is an EVENT and everything is a GOOD TIME!

    To experience a Holiday Broadway Ballet like none other - forget the other shows!  The “Magical Journey of Hope” is a custom written, custom scored production that will steal your heart away.  Filled with magic for the entire family…sugar plums…ha! watch out..there is a new kid in town!!!

    Call 661-295-7774 for your tickets today!  (Mention that you saw “ticket sales mania” on the ELITE Dance Studios BLOG for special ticket sale options)

    HALLOWEEN & ELITE front page news at the Sheriff’s Station!l

    November 4th, 2010




    See the photo from the FRONT PAGE of The Signal!!!

    ELITE Dance studios is booked exclusively every Halloween (the year in advance!) to perform at the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff Station’s “Haunted Jailhouse and Carnival”.  And once again they bring Halloween joy to all!

    Choreographed by Jacqueline Hill (owner/director) of ELITE Dance Studios it was a thrilling show telling a fantastic Pirate story!  The Hollywood style custom costumes and make-up (also designed by Jacqueline) took the crowds of hundreds to a fun filled imaginary place.

    The ELITE Performance Group started make-up at 8am and went non-stop until performance time that afternoon.  Always a pleasure to work with Lisa Baumbin, Jim Ventress (chief professional officer of the Santa Clarita Boys & Girls club) and Sheriff Deputy Pat Rissler.

    Wondering what they will be next year?….


    October 13th, 2010

    Bringing entertainment to the stage is second nature for these ELITE TEAM dancers!

    With amazing costumes, beautiful faces and incredible talent the ELITE Dance Studios Performance Group members thrilled the crowds at the Day for Kids Event.  Amping it up for the singers with choreography by ELITE Dance Studios Owner/Director Jacqueline Hill - another outstanding & successful performance!

    The Santa Clarita Valley’s premier studio, ELITE Dance Studios, works exclusively with the biggest events in town.  Never disappointing the crowds…the only professional dance studio in the SCV.

    Thanks again to the City of Santa Clarita, SCV Boys and Girls Club, and Stern Talent for a great day!


    September 19th, 2010

    DAY for KIDS 2010


    ELITE Performance Group TEAM dancers and Jacqueline have been in rehearsals all week with some fantastic singers to get ready for this Saturday!

    Working hard & having fun go hand in hand at ELITE this weekend while the girls put on the finishing touches to their choreography.  Thrilled to be dancing exclusively with some of the Stern Talent Agency artists at the “2010 Day for Kids” this Saturday September 25th.

    Performing with Deanna Douglas to “Our Song” by Taylor Swift, “Fallin for You” by Colbie Caillait and “Headstrong” by Ashley Tisdale are TEAM dancers Kelley Kunak, Isabella Ciampa, Sabrina Stokes-Lawson, Kristen McCloud, Alex Theodore, Ariel Brigmann and Kayli DePaco.

    TEAM dancers Taylor Kakiki, Jaymi DePaco, Alexa Bain, Eliana Hollinger, Makenna Myers, Jillian Brimigion and Isabella Ciampa dance back up to an original song written by Brieanna James  “Fallin for Ya” and to “Naturally” by Selena Gomez.  They then change gears and back up an exciting sister trio who fill the stage with energy singing “Step Up” by the Cheetah Girls and “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus.

    Thank you to the City of Santa Clarita and the SCV Boys and Girls Club for hosting the national Day for Kids event, it is always a pleasure for ELITE to participate!  Thank you to Thea Stern of Stern talent, this will be the 4th year in a row that Thea has used ELITE exclusively - she knows pros when she sees them that’s for sure!   




    September 10th, 2010

    Beautiful dancers, beautiful parents and siblings, a beautiful ballroom with a beautiful view….all added up to an amazing evening of celebration!

    Closing out the 2009 - 2010 season was the ELITE Performance Group Banquet, hosted at the Knollwood Country Club, attended by dancers and their families.  We celebrated the TEAM and their successes with great food, fancy drinks, yummy desert, TEAM awards and dancing fun.

    After dinner a TEAM video played through some  favorite memories, followed by bloopers of Miss Jacqueline, Miss Amber and Erica (funny stuff! Watch for it on YouTube!).  Followed by TEAM fun awards like the “most likely to forget their shoes” and “need a hair band” - everyone got a good laugh!

    Top TEAM awards were presented by Miss Jacqueline and Miss Amber to the dancers named “Most Improved”, “Most Motivated”, “Most Spirited”, “Leadership” and “Dancer of the Year”.  The TEAM members celebrated each other and the applause was deafening!

    The DJ hit it hard and the guests danced the evening away!  Dancers and parents dancing and dancing and dancing! Tons of fun!

    TEAM members received their TEAM medal with pride from Miss Jacqueline at the end of the evening with a special smile and words of motivation for the upcoming TEAM season.

    Thank you to Candice Kakiki and Marci DePaco for organizing the beautiful event!

    No other studio does it like ELITE!


    August 7th, 2010

    OH MY GOODNESS!  What a fantastic time we had!!!

    The TEAM “over-nighter” was a great success…snacks, pizza, smores, ice cream, LAUGHTER, games, photo scavenger hunts with Erica on the trampoline tricks, Miss Jacqueline shooting hoops, Miss Amber in a headstand and Marci & Candice playing tether ball!

    Staying up late playing games and eating fruit and donuts in the early morning sunshine!  For those of you who missed out on the fun - check out the pics - we missed you!


    June 18th, 2010


    Take a beautiful, sunny & warm day + ELITE Dance Studios TEAM dancers = FUN, FUN, FUN!

    Thanks girls for a great time had by all from Petite to TEAM to the Mom’s, Miss Amber and Me :)

    What a relaxing way to spend the day.  Lots of laughter, lots of friends and lots of memories.  Looking forward to another day at the beach!!!  We missed those who couldn’t join us - see you next time!


    June 12th, 2010


    Friday night and the dancers & mom’s are arriving….everyone is so excited for the “2 Days in the OC” fun dancing times!  ELITE Dance Studios is sure to have a great time - thanks Dennis!

    Check back here for pics and updates on the weekend!!!

    UPDATE:  Friday night - Spent some time in the pool making new friends cause that’s how ELITE rolls!

    UPDATE:  Lunch time on the first day and the girls were slammin!  The New Wave’s did a fantastic job - the cutest little dancers in the entire ballroom! In the Junior/Senior ballroom the ELITE girls were awesome, looking so good rockin’ the oc choreography!  Just enough time to grab a bite to eat and get right back at it!Fun, fun, fun!

    UPDATE:  On the last class…dancers are worn out from dancing hard all day!  Little ones had some fun at the pool.  Off to dinner and some more TEAM fun - betcha lots of cheesecake gets had, the ELITE TEAM dancers sure deserve it!  Great job ladies!

    UPDATE:  Dinner…cheesecake…hot tub…bed!  Exhausted dancers rest their heads on their pillows to get ready to kill it again!  Looking forward to another fantastic day as ELITE rocks the OC - oh and thanks Dennis Caspary for the smores, they were delicious! ;)

    UPDATE:  SUNDAY FUN DAY!…Bright and early ELITE was back at it.  Dennis Caspary called Kelley Kunak to the dance floor for her outstanding dancing in his class, the first class of the day!  Way to go Kelley!  All of our ELITE dancers worked hard and danced beautifully!

    UPDATE:  Refuel, hydrate and back to dance!

    UPDATE:  The end of the day came quickly…New Wave hit the pool and then some hit the road while most of them hung out and supported the older dancers.  Troopers to the end ELITE girls danced another 8 hours today!  GREAT JOB ELITE DANCERS!

    Thank you to Dennis Caspary and the OC faculty for a wonderful weekend.


    June 12th, 2010


    Thank you to West Ranch High School Dance Team, Saugus High School Dance Team, Valencia High School Dance Team & Hart High School Dance Team for the wonderful opportunity to share our talented, entertaining dancers with the Santa Clarita Valley.

    52 ELITE Performance Group TEAM dancers took to the gym floor to present “ADRENALINE SAFARI” with an unparalleled professionalism and beauty.  Superbly combining outrageously vibrant costumes and make-up with theatrical dance was just one more thing to add to the TEAM’s repertoire.  One of the Saugus volunteer parents was heard telling the ELITE dancers “you guys are so beautiful - all you need to do is stand there!”

    Thank you to all of the wonderful Dance Team Advisers and Coaches for everything!  And of course thank you to the hardworking parents and volunteers that help make these High School shows so enjoyable.

    Can’t wait to see what we do next year!


    May 15th, 2010


    Balloons, flowers, cards, gifts and scrumptious cupcakes made my day!  Thank you to Miss Amber and the girls for decorating so much it was like I was having a super dooper birthday party!  It was so much fun spending my birthday at ELITE with all of my wonderful dancers & parents….I wish I had footage of “Poker Face” with the lights, streamers, balloons and banners!  And to end the night - the most tasty cupcakes I have ever had!

    Thank you Marci for baking the delicious treats, and thanks Candice and Tanya for sticking around to sing “Happy Birthday” with the girls…I am looking forward to another wonderful year with the ELITE family!!!


    Ticket Sale Day fun!

    May 6th, 2010

    Well 4am did not do the trick…

    Our first customer was in line promptly at 1:45am followed by number 2 and number 3 at 2:30am!  And the sales have not stopped - TICKETS ARE SELLING OUT FASTER THAN EVER!

    Thank you to our wonderful ELITE customers for making the opening day of “Summer Festival of Dance 2010″ ticket sales fun for all!  The ELITE Security Team, Shaun & Tyler, made sure everyone had their hand stamped and made some new friends while they were at it.

    Current ticket sale times are posted on the homepage at

    We can’t wait…the show is going to be fantastic!

    2 Days in the OC!

    April 30th, 2010

    Thanks to Dennis Caspary of “2 Days in the OC” for dropping by to visit ELITE Dance Studios and give Jacqueline one of their cute event t-shirts!

    The girls are getting excited for the convention and are thrilled that it fits into the super busy TEAM schedule…not long to go now!  With the ELITE Summer Festival of Dance falling the weekend before; it will be a great time to celebrate another AMAZING ELITE Performance Group season!

    If you are an ELITE dancer and would like to join us at this cool event let Jacqueline know ASAP!

    Check out the event website!

    Summer Festival of Dance 2010 Ticket Sales!

    April 28th, 2010

    Word on the street is 4am gets you the head start for ticket sales this Sunday May 2, 2010!

    Last December we sold 1500 tickets within the first 5 hours of sales; all four of the “Magical Journey of Hope” performances sold out!  We know the line was a bit chaotic then - don’t worry we will be doing things a little differently this year.

    Make sure if you are planning on purchasing your tickets the first day of sales you take a “number” spot at the door when you arrive…only one person can make a purchase per “number” and we will be going in “number” order starting at 11am.  Once you take your “number” place do not leave it, someone might take it!

    Come prepared (take a look at the info on our website homepage) so that we can keep the line moving smoothly!  Parents are responsible for purchasing tickets to the correct show(s) for their dancer.

    We are looking forward to a FANTASTIC show of the “Past, Present and Future”!

    “Adrenaline Safari” debut!

    April 28th, 2010

    Congrats to the TEAM for an outstanding debut of “Adrenaline Safari” last Friday!  We are looking forward to 3 more wonderful shows at our local High Schools!

    Thank you to the West Ranch Dance Team for hosting a wonderful show.  Your Dance Team did a wonderful job and we all just LOVED the team’s character dance!

    Congratulations to Tami and Lauren for taking the West Ranch High School Dance Team to such great new heights!

    Here’s just a couple of photos!


    April 6th, 2010

    Alright!  They got me good….

    Breanne got dropped off on crutches, followed by Kelley with her award winning dislocated knee act (Dad John in on the act!) and then Sabrina M.I.A. due to rumors of a broken arm!!!!

    I about had a heart attack!  NICE ONE GIRLS! TOO FUNNY!

    Better watch out now heehee!

    To see the photo…click right here!  april-fools

    THANK YOU for your applications!

    March 28th, 2010

    Just wanted to thank all of the dance instructors who have applied to become part of the ELITE teaching TEAM!  We are inundated with resumes, head shots and bios…there are some very exciting applications and we are working hard to fit in interviews and trial classes.

    Way to go ELITE DANCE STUDIOS current staff and students for putting us at the top of the list of “INCREDIBLE DANCE STUDIOS TO WORK AT!”